Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What is a Jean Party? Why host a Jean Party?

Lets face it, no one likes hostess parties. You know, the ones where you promise a Direct Selling friend of yours that you will host a show for her, and you reluctantly agree. Then you pressure your family and friends to come to a party and buy overpriced goods from a catalog. You as the hostess, spend two days cleaning house, making snacks, and hoping people show up. Then after the party, you get about as much free product as the money you spent on entertaining not to mention the fact that you get to sort and deliver all the products you sold at the party. Sound fun?? I didn't think so!


yes, your butt CAN look this good!

For one, there is no pressure to clean or make a bunch of food. Women starve themselves for new why bother? Food at jean party should be kept very light. Alcohol however, only enhances the shopping experience..why do you think the TGIFriday's at the mall is ALWAYS packed? The food isn't any better than the food court, they sell drinks!
Second, your home does not need to be a showplace. Fill your living room with 150 pairs of jeans and no one ever notices if there is dust on the side tables or the floor needs swept.
Third, the whole guests sitting through a long winded sales pitch about how the product enhances your life doesn't exist. If you try on "The Jeans" you already know your life just got kicked up a notch. Perfect jeans need no description...
Catalogs? We don't have them. Take home what you love that day. Wear them out the door. We don't care. Instant gratification is our goal.

Lastly, Have you been to a party where the Hostess has to deliver the goods? Nope. My Hostess doesn't do anything except pick out 10% of party sales in FREE product. When the party is over, its over. All she has to do is think about how much fun she had getting together with women she doesn't get to see nearly often enough and enjoy her new FREE jeans! Now she has something to wear the next time she gets invited to one of those "other kind" of hostess parties. She will be known as the friend who had a fun GNO and not a hostess event! You did them a favor by allowing then to avoid a crowed mall, with kids in tow, only to get a poor selection, and high prices, and now they  LOVE you for it!:) Want to introduce your gals to the world of VAULT DENIM? contact us!  click to: BOOK A JEAN PARTY

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